Big Lifestyle - Little Money

When it comes to buying a home in Calgary, it’s becoming increasingly hard to come by spacious homes without as hocking price tag. Instead, many Calgarians are opting for a home in Boulder Creek Estates to find the space that matches their desire for relaxation and recreation without going beyond their financial limits. Boulder Creek is all about good neighbours, amenities, golfing; don’t let the city limits keep you and your lifestyle contained – live the bigger, boulder life that you deserve just 20 minutes from Calgary.  


Boulder Creek boasts a number of reasons why you can live a bigger lifestyle for less money.

  • ·      Quick access to Trans-Canada
  • ·      Lots that are nearly double the size of city lots
  • ·      Shops, restaurants, and offices to cover your daily needs
  • ·      Grade A Schools for kids:Kindergarten, elementary, and junior high schools right in town, with the high school located nearby in Chestermere
  • ·      Plenty of outdoor space including sports fields, playgrounds, and pathways